Emma, XVIII, Glasgow
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Q: love your eyebrows, your so pretty!

thank you!! i recently bought a korean eyebrow pencil and it’s great because it doesn’t have the excessive amount of red pigment that american/european branded ones do. it’s so soft and natural looking on someone with dark, cool toned hair like mine

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Q: I second what that anon said. Your nose is actually adorable and perfect. It compliments your face so much.

wow thank you! i’m smiling like a cheshire cat right now haha

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Q: you're so pretty omg you have the cutest nose lol sorry if that's a weird compliment but yeah haha

omg no that’s so lovely thank you! i’m constantly being sent insults about my nose from anons so it means a lot to receive a compliment about it thanks!

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Q: Wow, your "friends" are absolute shit. Forget everyone, say goodbye and live your separate life. People who do not want to celebrate you as a FRIEND should, do not deserve to be included in your plans and ideas. Keep in mind that friends are meant to support you and stand behind you in these important stages of life. I don't think it's asking too much for people to get together for a few hours just to be in the company of one another, FUCK BAD FRIENDS. DO YOU GIRL.

they’re not shit, just involved in their own lives, but thanks

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tonight was supposed to be my leaving party but so many people have cancelled last minute that it’s not happening anymore :) a nice farewell for me :)

Why does my neighbourhood turn into some sort of fox safari park at night